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patricia otto's SAND CANDY SAND CANDY
(Pirate's Nest 3)
by Patricia Otto
Release date: June 3, 2019

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The third book in the on going Pirate's Nest series.

At the wedding of the century, candy store co-owner, Ann Jones declares her intentions to get her well-manicured hands on the town’s new doctor, Nate Flynn and never let go. She’s never had trouble getting her man, so it’s only a matter of time and the right outfit.

Nate, cautious with his heart after being burned, has his intentions set on getting to know Ann’s sister and store co-owner, Jo.

It’s going to be a busy Christmas season in Pirate’s Nest, the quaint New England village with the contrary name. As the last of Thanksgiving dinner is eaten and the Christmas tree is on its way to being decorated, some of the residents are feeling love in the winter air, some are feeling bypassed by love yet again and some are feeling the heat of sibling rivalry.


© copyright 2019 Patricia Otto

“I know as much as I want to know.” Nate paused a moment. “From the expression on your face, you seemed unconvinced.” He slid his hand behind her head. “Let me convince you.” He lowered his mouth to hers. There was a hint of cumin and tomato with a tingle of hot peppers from the salsa appetizer. He laced his fingers through the hair by her ear.

Jo’s body relaxed into his, her supple curves shaping to fill the voids between them. It felt right. This moment in time. A moment that he wanted to string together into a million moments. A lifetime of moments.

The world stopped and spun out of control at the same time. This wasn’t a kiss, it was an event. Like a supernova, this was a new beginning.

He moved to cradle her head in the crook of his elbow while the other hand slid up her back. The tip of her tongue brushed his lip. He took the hint, plunging his tongue into the spicy softness of her mouth.

A quick, high-pitched moan escaped her lips, not distressed or nervous, more as if she was savoring a food she had longed for, something she had always craved.

Every muscle in Nate’s body snapped to vigilance. Electric excitement zapping through him, waking up every element of his being. He wanted to hold her, kiss her, whisper secrets with their foreheads pressed together. Hell, he wanted her.

Any trepidation, any thought of how much his heart had been through, evaporated in that moment.




available at
amazon amazon canada amazon uk barnes and noble
iBooks USA : iBooks UK : iBooks Australia : iBooks CA : D2D Universal Links