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by Patricia Otto
Release date: October 18, 2020

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All people have problems, most people don’t have all of them happening on the same day. Her boss giving her two weeks’ notice, her landlord notifying her of a rent hike starting next year, and now a raging stomach bug, Isla Weir is having the worst day ever. When a doctor picks her up from the pavement after she faints, and she stares into his velvety brown eyes, Isla isn’t sure if her luck is turning or if she’s just hallucinating from lack of fluids.

Dr. Parker Coles cannot take another holiday with his mother nagging him to marry and have a family or, at a minimum, introduce a woman to them for once. But his girlfriend just broke up with him, and there is no time to get another. Then a woman faints at his feet, and a plan takes shape. Convince this woman to pose as his ex for Thanksgiving dinner, and he will return the favor. It works, too, right up until his ex shows up for dessert.

Sparkle, Isla’s sassy fairy companion, is looking forward to a holiday feast at a riverside cottage even if Isla is the only human permitted by fairy law to see her. But when Sparkle gets sick, and Isla needs Parker’s help, the violation of fairy protocol may cost them all dearly.


© copyright 2020 Patricia Otto

Parker closed the door and stared at the bed. “This is an interesting situation. I’d be lying if I said the prospect of sleeping next to you didn’t excite the hell out of me.”


He put his hands on her hips, pulling her close. “Don’t worry. As much as I would like nothing more than to make love to a luscious, beautiful woman, I remember this is a business arrangement.”

Isla felt those words like a weight on her chest. “What should we do?”

He stepped even closer, his warm, wine-scented breath glancing her cheeks. “You mean if this wasn’t a business arrangement?”

“No. Where will we, how will we sleep?”

“First things, first.” He caressed his thumb over her bottom lip. “I promised myself the first time I looked into those fever-glazed, dark-circled blue eyes, that I was going to do this.” His thumb moved to lift her chin. “Since then, I have dreamt about it a dozen times.”

Isla took in a long breath. His cinnamon-brown eyes darkened to mahogany, and his gaze sharpened.

As he lowered his head, Isla curled up on her tiptoes to meet him. His lips were heated and moist, moving in slow strokes.

Her body was electric, every cell buzzing as he wrapped his arms around her. She moved her lips against his.

He broke the connection. With a wide-eyed look, he reconnected his mouth to hers. His tongue plunged into Isla’s mouth, turning up the voltage, thrumming every cell, jolting her to the core of her being.




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