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A Fictional Love Story
(Sequal to Tesla's Muse)
by Patricia Otto
Release date: November 14, 2018

College senior E.N. Harris didn't know about the family heirloom pocket watch until he found it in a box of stuff from before his parents died. Inside the lid of the watch box, is a note signed with just the letter N, piquing the genius' curiosity. When a false back falls off the watch revealing a cryptic clue, curiosity becomes obsession, and the hunt is on. The journey takes him to relatives he knew nothing about and a pedigree that answers many questions while asking many more.

Transfer college junior Calla Rose is trying to fit in. It's not going well. But when her Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy runs across the quad and into the arms of E.N. Harris, the smartest and best-looking guy on campus, fitting in becomes essential.

E.N. has never met a woman as challenging and engaging as Calla, someone not intimidated by his intelligence. He invites her and her puppy to help him learn the identity of the mysterious N. and discover the meaning of the clue from the watch. As they get closer to the truth, rich man's minion and a government opportunist are nipping at their heels.

What E.N. and Calla find, will rewrite the history books and hurl science in a new direction, if they can stay ahead of danger.

Read an excerpt here.

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