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A few months ago, I committed to a new practice. I enjoy my first cup of coffee on my screen porch, no matter the temperature. While I’m sipping, I concentrate on not concentrating. If my mind wanders to chores or plans or the day’s obligations, I bring myself back to only allowing my five senses to be in the moment. It’s more difficult than it sounds, but I’m getting better at it. When I started my ritual, it was light out by the time I woke up. Now, a few months later, I watch the world change from black to graphite to storm cloud gray as the sun makes its presence known.

One morning, I was enjoying the night sounds. Crickets, peepers, owls. Suddenly, they all stopped. Every sound gone. I froze afraid to even rustle my clothes. Seconds, maybe a minute passed. Then one bird chirped. Across the way, another bird answered with a different song. Then another. And another. I could hear the breeze in the leaves, see the colors replacing the grays. It was a new experience. Enchanting. Spiritual. Infused with magic. I had no idea that the nightshift ended their work before the dayshift began. An incredible sense of peace slowly flowed over me, seeping into every corner of my essence. Now, I seek out the moment.

Highly recommend, screen porch optional.


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