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by Patricia Otto
Release date: September 29, 2021

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How does a fairy convince a quiet loner that love is staring at him from behind a mask?

Crisis matchmaker fairy Dandelion Glitterfield’s next match assignment is a doozy. A quiet loner, who likes his solitude and does not believe in fairies.

Furniture-maker Cooper Cornish isn’t looking for love. Heck he isn’t even looking for a relationship. Then he dances with a mysterious witch at a masquerade ball and his emotions are wide awake. Before he can find out her name, she’s gone. Now the witch haunts his dreams, ignites his desires, as the memory of holding her in his arms makes a tiny crack in his wall. Who is she and how does he find her?

Sally Tanager is a nurse at the assisted living facility where Cooper’s grandmother lives. Dancing with him at the masquerade ball her sister dragged her to, wasn’t supposed to be exciting. Or incredible. Then she finds out her sister has contracted him to build shelves for her store. And sis is interested in more than Cooper’s building skills. Game changer. The next time they see each other, Sally realizes Cooper doesn’t know she was the witch. The sister-don’t-take-my-man code is safe. Or is it?


© copyright 2021 Patricia Otto

“A talking bug?”

The small creature hovered out of Cooper’s reach. “My name is Dandelion Glitterfield, and I am a fairy, not a bug.”

Coop stared a few moments, cocked his hip, scowled, then took another gulp of ale. Only one beer, so he wasn’t drunk. The window was open, so he wasn’t high on wood stain fumes. He slumped back into this chair.

The bug flew closer. “Don’t hit me anymore, and I’ll explain.”

Coop gestured for the talking bug to continue.

“I am a fairy.”

Coop leaned his head on his hand.

“I already said that. Sorry, I’m a little nervous. I think I would be less nervous if you weren’t glaring at me looking like a cobra ready to strike.”

Coop swigged his beer.

Dandelion gradually flew nearer, eventually landing on the cooler. “I don’t suppose I could have a beer.”

“Hallucinations don’t drink.”

“Okay. I realize this is hard to believe. Most people don’t trust their eyes in these matters or are afraid to admit that fairies exist. Fact is, we have been sprinkling the dew on fields and lighting the stars at night for centuries, whether you believe in us or not.”

Cooper waited. “Which one are you?”


“Are you in stars or dew?”

“Uh? Oh no, I’m not in landscaping.”

Cooper crooked his brow.

“I’m here to help you find love.”

Cooper chuffed, then laughed. He crossed his ankle onto the opposite knee before finishing his beer. “Not interested.”

“Don’t be hasty. I find that it’s best in these cold-call situations not to rush things. I get better results if I provide a little information at a time.” Dandelion took off. “I’ll just go and be back tomorrow.”

“Don’t waste your time.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Coop stood. “I’m not interested in a love fairy.”

“But you acknowledge that I am a fairy.”

Coop cursed. “Or just a bug.”

Dandi put up his hands. “Now, don’t be a cynic. Take a moment to mull over what I said.” He drifted away from Cooper. “We’ll talk again tomorrow.”

Coop watched the winged creature fly out the open window before opening another ale. “I’m going to need more beer.”



amazon amazon canada amazon uk barnes and noble
Apple Books USA : Apple Books UK : Apple Books Australia : Apple Books CA : D2D Universal Links